Somewhere in all of us there is the kind of person that gets up and runs before work. There is the person that finishes a good book instead reading more facebook posts from people we hardly know. We are all, somewhere inside, the person that walks boldly towards our dreams. Not without fear, but without hesitation.

It seems elusive. Like a Yeti in the woods, it sounds like a myth. On our worst days we think it's impossible. Nothing is impossible.
Simply head in the direction of its last known location. Do not scour the woods or look to the horizon.
Instead, look to your heart. It's in us all.
You are the Yeti.

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We are in the early stages of planning the first ever Sweaty Yeti Run, but you can find more information here

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All proceeds from the Sweaty Yeti Run fund the Barber-Galvin Memorial Scholarhip, in memory of Christie Barber-Galvin and Kellie Barber. This scholarship will be awarded to East Jordan High School graduates who are involved in sports and the community.

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